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About frozen 2 (2019)

The eagerly anticipated sequel of the 2013 animation hit movie frozen is almost here. The sequel comes six years later after the first movie but the hype will make you think that frozen one was just released last year. The plans for the release of the movie were there since after the first movie but it was until 2015 that it was confirmed that frozen two was to be released.

 Since 2015 till 2019 we can be sure that they have worked on something nice and we can even confirm from the trailer that it’s going to be dope. But we can never be so sure about that, movies with great trailers have disappointed before. We hope that will not be the case. Let us dive into the trailer and see if we can dig up some information that can help us know what really to expect and what can happen.

Where did frozen leave us?

It’s six years and it is possible that you have forgotten where the original frozen left us. Am a huge fan but I had to watch it again and I guess am not alone. The last time we were in arendelle we learned that love is the only thing that would thaw the frozen heart and it was love that would help the frozen kingdom too.

 We also noticed that Queen Elsa has started embracing her powers and she is not afraid of them no more. She is using her magnificent powers to build instead of using them to destroy. Frozen one also left us when the evil prince was arrested and exiled from arendelle. Kristoff and Princess Anna are together just like we wanted. Olaf has his snow furry to deal with during the summer and spring. As for the rest of the characters, they lived happily ever after just like we would expect from a Disney movie.

The co-director of frozen two revealed that even if Elsa has had a dramatic journey and one that is not so fun, she will start opening up and try to have some fun in frozen Two. From what we have heard and seen so far, I have a feeling that we will not be disappointed. If you have not watched the trailer or you have but you still kind of confused, stick around as we elaborate the story for you.

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What is the story for frozen two?

We have already learned that Elsa is in full control of her powers and this is definitely going to make things exciting in the sequel. The plot of the movie has not been revealed and we are all in the dark but we can learn a thing or two from the trailer that was released back in June.

 From the trailer we learn that frozen two takes 3 years later after the events of frozen one. Anna, Elsa and the gang are on a mission to find out where the magnificent powers of Elsa come from in the hope that it can help save arendelle.

 In the trailer we saw a troll warn Elsa that the past may not be what it seems and that they should go north across the enchanted lands into the unknown. The stakes are a bit much higher this time round. The troll continues to say that they always feared that the powers Elsa possessed were too much but now they hope that they would be enough.

 Things seems pretty intense from my view and am wondering what possible dangers could our team face in the land of the unknown and will be Elsa’s powers enough. There is only way to find out, wait for November 22 2019 when it will be released. And you can be sure to watch frozen 2 (2019) online streaming from here, once it is released.

In the meantime there are tons of theories about how things are going to turn out like for example there are those who are saying that Anna will burn arendelle by accident as she is trying to save it. Others are saying that Elsa and Anna might not be biological sisters as frozen one made us believe. And almost everybody who is a fanatic of the frozen movie believe that Anna has own powers and it will play a vital role in saving arendelle. The only way to find out is a wait for the release of the movie which is some two months from now.

Is the cast from frozen one returning?

Yep, most of the actors and actresses who were casted in frozen one will be making a return in frozen 2. Idina Menzel will be taking her role as Queen Elsa while amazing Kristen Bell will be taking her role as Princess Anna. Jonathan Groff will be kristoff just like he was in frozen one and Josh Gad will be reprising his role as our adorable snowman, Olaf. And not forgetting that the role of Prince Hans will be taken by the talented actor, Santino Fontana.

There will be new actors because of the new characters but so far only Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K Brown have been named to join the team and their roles have not even named. I guess it is a surprise…

The directors

Well, I guess it will be wise if we know a thing about the directors of frozen two so that we can get to estimate their capabilities. The sequel of the original frozen movie will be directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. They were the ones who directed the first movie and I bet they did a pretty good job and we can expect more of the same from them.

You will be excited to know that Jennifer Lee co-wrote and codirected the animation we all love, zootopia. Frozen 2 might be the last project for Jennifer Lee as a director since she was named the head of Walt Disney animation studios and I bet she wants to leave a mark as she leave. The writer of the sequel will Allison Schroeder who is an academy winning writer.

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